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Stealth Shovel Questions

  • What can the Stealth Shovel™ be used for? What is it's ideal environment?

    The Stealth Shovel™ is our original shovel and is easily the versatile tool we make! Made from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the Stealth Shovel™ is ideal for emergency preparedness, off road recovery, camping, hunting, terrain building/grooming and more. You can't go wrong with this bad boy.

    How does the Stealth Shovel™ differ from a park rake?

    The largest difference is the size and shape of the Stealth Shovel's™ head and the collapsible shaft. The head is 18”x9”, meaning it’s narrower to fit in a pack, but longer front to back, and therefore can pick up nearly twice as much snow as a park rake.

    Can I use the Stealth Shovel™ for park grooming?

    Absolutely. What about a cheap hardware store shovel? You can use whatever tools you want, but it turns out that plastic doesn’t hold up as well as aircraft quality aluminum. Shocking! And is your dad’s snow shovel going to crush crud and rake out your jumps? Nope.

    Is the Stealth Shovel™ good for driveway shoveling?

    Of course! No garage space to store big, bulky shovels? No worries! The Stealth Shovel™ can easily fit on a shelf and be tucked away from when it’s needed.

    How does the Stealth Shovel™ differ from an Avalanche Shovel?

    The Stealth Shovel’s™ design differs from that of traditional avy shovels. However, many of our customers use it as one. Both professional guides and search and rescue organizations use the Stealth Shovel™ and report that its wide blade with teeth cut through hard snow and avalanche debris better than any traditional avy shovel they have used. While the Stealth™ has a full-length shaft, professionals tell us that they only extend the shaft one or two lengths when digging and use it more like a hoe. The Stealth Shovel’s™ blade is almost twice the thickness of a standard avalanche shovel and the shaft is thicker too. This means that the Stealth™ weighs nearly twice what a traditional avy shovel weighs, so for those users who want the lightest weight, smallest yet technically effective rescue shovel, a traditional avy shovel design is what they prefer. For professionals, or anyone who is doing any vehicle-based rescue, the Stealth Shovel™ is the tool of choice.

    Can I use the Stealth Shovel™ as an Avalanche Shovel?

    Yes. Be smart in the backcountry and your Stealth Shovel™ can absolutely be a rescue shovel when you need it. For more information on the design differences and to better inform your choice of the best tool for an Avalanche, see How does the Stealth Shovel™ differ from an Avalanche Shovel?

    How strong is the Stealth Shovel™?

    The Stealth Shovel™ is rugged! It has been tested under 3,886 pounds of force, proving it’s one of the most burley shovels ever created.

    What is the Stealth Shovel™ made of?

    The head is made from 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy and the telescoping tubular shaft is made from 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy. This sucker won’t bend an inch.

    What temperatures can the Stealth Shovel™ handle?

    The Stealth Shovel™ has been stress tested in laboratory and field conditions ranging from -40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, without problems.

    What is the Stealth Shovel™’s extension length?

    The Stealth Shovel™ can telescope from 18” into an indexed locking 56.5” power shaft that helps you build faster and protects your back.

    How much does the Stealth Shovel™ weigh?

    The Stealth Shovel™ weighs 3.3 pounds: not much more than a full water bottle.

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