Our DMOS ambassadors represent some of the most enthusiastic supporters and friends of our brand, many of whom are also loyal customers. These individuals embody the spirit of DMOS, championing our products and mission while engaging and inspiring the broader community through their actions and advocacy.


Jason and his dog Koda embark on epic adventures sharing their journey on Instagram through "Koda's Tacoma."

GEAR: Delta & Stealth


When you spend as much time on the trail as Marshall you're bound to get stuck on the trail. Lucky for Marshall, the DMOS Delta has his back at all times.

GEAR: Delta


When not working as a freelance marketer and designer, Little Ariana takes to the outdoors in her 2004 Lexus GX470, joined by her canine companions, Drax and Quill.

GEAR: Nomad & Compact Delta


Cherishing his family time, Adam transformed his 4Runner into a reliable companion for their shared outdoor journeys.

GEAR: Stealth & Delta


Adventuring the West in her purpose built Subaru Outback, Carey is a Rebelle Rally racer and long time friend of DMOS. 

GEAR: Delta + Delta Mount


Casey250 reviews TONS of products on his YouTube channel and Instagram page, we're proud to be one of Casey's preferred tools anytime he hits the trail.

GEAR: Compact Delta


Adventurous at heart, Dan captures his love for nature through photography and journeys in his bespoke Jeep Gladiator.

GEAR: Compact Delta


The Power Wagon Family explores the USA in their 2019 Power Wagon, savoring the journey and destination alike.

GEAR: Delta


The Beatrice JKU loves embarking on adventures, sharing the experiences on Instagram @beatricejku.

GEAR: Delta


Proud USAF Mom, adventurer, and small business owner - Kirsten Lawrence values her time spent outdoors and is ALWAYS prepared.

GEAR: Delta


Solo vanlifer, queen of snowmad scenanigans, house flipper, DIYER, and thrill seeker - Kayden embodies all things DMOS.

GEAR: Stealth


JMATT's SEMA 2022-built 2021 Lexus GX460 doubles as a showpiece and a vehicle for family adventures.

GEAR: Delta + Delta Mount


Theres a lot of Tacoma's out there these days, but few and far between have conquered as many trails as Kelly's Advenutre Built Tacoma.

GEAR: Delta


Kelly Lund and Loki and the  best of adventure buddies, with over 1.8Million followers on Instagram, we're proud to be Loki's preferred method of recovery.

GEAR: Delta


Dave is the ultimate outdoorsman who runs The Pathfinder School LLC and is a Wilderness Skills Instructor. We're proud to be Dave's preferred outdoor shovel.

GEAR: Delta Steel


Road trippin' around the world in their old Defender, Mary and Andy have seen ALL sorts of trails and tested all sorts of gear. They use only the best, and that's why they use DMOS.

GEAR: Delta


Brian King, known under his Alias TheHerschX is on a mission to raise money to bring sustainable clean drinking water to children & families in rural Africa.

GEAR: Delta + Mount


Known by his alias 'The Story Till Now,' Shaun records his incredible adventures in a Jeep Gladiator for his YouTube audience and Instagram followers.

GEAR: Delta + Universal Mount


From birds to big game, Adam is a hunter and outdoorsman at heart. 

GEAR: Delta Steel


Whether they are chipping through hard cornices on Corbet’s Couloir or maintaining the area around lifts - DMOS shovels are the standard for Jacksonhole Resort employees.

GEAR: Alpha Shovel