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Looking for support on your new DMOS Product? You've come to the right place. Scroll down to find General FAQs and support. Or, if you're looking for product-specific support, choose from the following options: 

General Questions

What’s DMOS’ story?

  • Check it out here: https://dmoscollective.com/pages/our-story


  • Can I use my shovel in my driveway?

    Yes, you can absolutely use your DMOS shovel to shovel your driveway. However, please be aware that our shovels were not designed to be repeatedly used on concrete day after day. Therefore, you should expect to see some wear on the edge of your shovel blade with regular driveway use. For driveway use, we recommend using one of our shovels with a straight edge such as the Alpha 2S or Stealth Pro S. If you experience any issues with your DMOS shovel or are dissatisfied the performance of it, please reach out to customerservice@dmoscollective.com and we will take care of you.


  • How are DMOS shovels special?

    DMOS tools are thoughtfully designed, versatile, portable, and built to last. They will be the last shovels you ever own.


  • Will my shovel's color fade?

    No way! We use durable, powder-coated blades, so the color you choose will always be as vibrant as the first day you bought it.


  • Are the shovels difficult to use?

    No! The Stealth Shovel™ and the Stealth Pro Shovel™ all have wide, no-slip T-handles that help with grip and maneuverability. The Original Alpha Shovel™, the Alpha 2 Shovel™ and the Alpha 2S Shovel™ all come with a D-handle, created for better leverage and so strong that it won't even fall off in -60 degrees Celsius. The longer shaft also provides you with more leverage to save you the backache! Even cooler, our shovels are easy to collapse, pack and extend, plus, they’re super lightweight! These shovels are made for anyone and everyone.


  • How do I assemble my shovel?

    If you've never seen it done before, assembling your shovel might seem confusing and complex! Check out this video to see how it's done.

  • What is the correct way to collapse the shaft?

    Always remember, top to bottom. If you you still can't get it to collapse properly, watch the short video below!

  • My shovel's not nesting correctly. What do I do?

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