Doing Our Own Sh*t Since 2015

Bespoke. Small Batch Production.

DMOS is made in US and near-shore factories because we believe that the value of a product should be in the materials and construction and not in the cost of transportation, warehouse, and handling.


A New Way Of Thinking

We Innovate At The Speed Of Need

We make small batches so that we can rapidly innovate if you, our customers, require a modification.

We Avoid Overtstocks By Stocking On Demand

What make what YOU order. Nothing less, nothing more.

We Strive To Make Top Quality Products

We work with the best suppliers to provide our customers with only the best products.

We Provide Lifetime Satisfaction With Our Products

We have 100% confidence in our products - and that's why we offer a money-back gaurantee, lifetime warranty, and easy returns.


Pre-Order Updates As Of 12/28/23

Compacts are coming in this week and the first batch of Delta Mounts after New Years.
We are still back-ordered on Stealth and Stealth XL mounts and Delta Pro Blackout.
We will update customers as we get exact production dates which are generally 6 weeks lead time.

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Mark Williams

"Go-to store for everything kitchen! KitchenCrafters' FlavorfulKitchen Cove offers a wide range of high-quality products. Reliable and stylish kitchen essentials."

David Thompson

"Revolutionized my baking! Whisk Kitchen Wares from Kitchen Crafters are exceptional. Top-notch quality for any passionate home baker."

Rebecca Lee

"One-of-a-kind treasures! ArtisanalKitchen Treasures at Kitchen Crafters are a joy to explore. Functional and elegant additions to my kitchen."

Michael Ramirez

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