We Dig It: Inspiration for a Wild Weekend

Every Friday around, oh say, 10am, we start thinking about the weekend. Or is it Thursday at 10? We can't keep track...

Anyway, we start dreaming up all of the weekend escapes and wild adventures we can pack in before Monday rolls around again. If you're on the same program, here are a few things that are helping to shape our weekend plans: 

1. Biking. Of course we still have bikes on our mind, but this video isn't quite like the others--refreshing, inspiring, calming, yet still plenty motivating. 

STEAM from Jan Philip Baldus on Vimeo.


2. Stargazing. Yes, we like to play hard all day, but what about when the sun goes down? Then our wild spaces become really magical. Want to capture all that beauty in the Milky Way? Get started with this guide.  

milky way 

3. Climbing. With winter not far away, our climbing days are numbered. After reading about Adam Ondra sending the hardest route in the world, we're inspired to head to the crag to finish that project we've been chipping away at all summer. Climb on.  


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