This Place We Call Home

Go Big or Go Home.    

We make tools out of recyclable aircraft grade aluminum to minimize our impact on the planet every day.

But for Earth Day we're going big. 

Buy from DMOS this weekend and we'll donate our Profits to the Planet!

We build tools for adventure. And you can't have wild adventures without beautiful, rugged places to explore. So we're committed to doing our part to protect and preserve the places we love. 

We've joined 1% for the Planet which means we'll donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental nonprofits, so we're in this year round, too! Because whether you're headed outside to groom dirt jumps, clean corrals, shovel snowbanks, or just make a spectacular sandcastle, we believe that the places we play are important. 

As a company we want to do our part. So, we'll donate profits but we'll also ensure our tools are built to last. That way when you replace your plastic snow shovel and cheap garden rake, you'll be investing in a tool for the long haul. Which not only helps you, but helps the planet too. 

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