The 5 to 9: Dirt Jumps

If you love mountain biking, you know the joy that comes from a smooth, flowing trail, complete with great banked turns and well placed jumps. The sensation of riding those kind of trails can be nothing short of blissful. 

But let's say you just want to cut to the chase and skip all of that pedaling stuff. Just want to stick with pumping around corners and flying over jumps? You'll dig dirt jumping. 

There's a special kind of person that dedicates their time to dirt jumping, because while hitting big, perfectly designed jumps is ridiculously fun, building them is a labor of love. 

You'll see small crews laboring over a perfect lip, an smooth tranny, or the angle of a corner after work for hours (and hours) before the jumps are really ready to go. But once they're buffed out and ready to roll, spending your off hours hucking yourself into the air is always worth it. 

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