The 5 to 9: A chat with Benny Brappo

It's been a warm week in the Tetons and we can't wait for a sunny weekend to get out and play! This week we chatted with Benny Brappo, who's making the most of his summer in Colorado. 


Q: Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend?

A: Group of buddies and I are heading to go rip out desert cars on some tracks around denver with the @RoyalRacingCrew and the #Basherz

Q: How did you get into snowmobiling and moto? 

A: I got in to snowmobiling from being a snowboarder. I was a professional snowboarder and got to the point where the backcountry was where I needed to be. I financed a sled to go out and get shots but every time I would go out with a group or photogs I would always end up just sledding. I got bored with snowboarding for a bit and just had a real passion for sledding from day one. And moto - I have always dreamed of being a moto head. I grew up with Pastrana, Metzger, Deagan and the crusty films on my tv and walls. I still to this day think freestyle moto fits my personality the best out of any action sport but I'll never be good enough or gnarly enough! But will always be fueled by the same things and have passion for it. 


Q: What's an ideal day on the moto or sled look like? 

A: An ideal day on the moto or sled is wake up, grab a coffee, meet the boys at the track or trail and just start ripping! Rip all day, break some equipment - 'cause no good day goes without a little adventure and some carnage. Then head home, fire up the grill and relax with a cold one. Maybe watch a skate video or dirt bike video and pass out. Haha


Q: What's next on your radar? Any big goals or objectives you'd like to check off? 

A: For sure, always have lots of goals. I would like to enter some pro class desert races soon and build my name as a driver as well. Also I am working on a multi year project with @SkyPixelMedia right now for sledding! I am working on putting together a rad segment for our movie coming up. Also I am working on building some brands and creating a ton of rad content for all of my sponsors social media platforms. My biggest goal is to just have fun, meet as many rad people as I can and forget all the haters! 


Q: What do you look for in an adventure partner? Anything you just won't tolerate? 

A: I look for someone who just wants to smile and can get a little dirty! Also you must be an avid camper! Because I can't stand a person who can't handle the outdoors.

Q: Where is home for you? Anything we should check out when we're there (restaurants, bars, highlights, etc.)? 

A: Home for me is in eagle county, Colorado! And yes, the rivers and biking , sledding, dirtbiking , UTV and everything around here is amazing! It is a blast! Also you can not miss the "WORLDS MOST BEST TACO" at the one and only "Rocky Mountain Taco" located in eagle Vail between the brewery and dispensary! By far the best taco truck I have and will ever have! It's paradise. A must hit! 


Q: Favorite post-ride food and drinks? 

A: Uh duh, Rocky Mountain Taco and a Colorado Kool-Aid aka COORS Light! 


Q: Any favorite music you listen to while you're out there shredding? 

A: I'm a fan of so many kinds of music but to get my real pumped up to go big or fast I like to listen to metal! Really hard metal! 

Follow all of Benny's adventures @bennybrappo!

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