Shovels for Houston

Mother Nature has been full-force in the past few weeks, and not in the way we usually get excited about (read: big dumps of pow). From wildfires to hurricanes, we've been watching the destruction and wondering "how can we help?" We're a small company, but certainly there is something we could do, right? 

After a quick team meeting to work out the logistics, our photographer Jo Savage was boarding a plane to Texas with about 200 Stealth Shovels in tow. The clean up process will take a long time, so giving out strong, durable tools to kickstart the rebuilding efforts seemed like a good place to start. 

Cleaning up the waterlogged debris in a Houston home. 

There's no shortage of work to be done. 

When disaster strikes, everyone lends a helping hand. 

Our hearts go out to the folks across the country that are dealing with the aftermath of these storms or wildfires. We know many of them have a long road ahead of them, so we'll do our best to help out however we can. Know someone who could use our tools for recovery? Get in touch with us:  

For the full account of Jo's trip to Houston, click here

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