Sam G - January 2023 DMOS Customer of the Month

We are thrilled to present to you our January 2023 Customer of the Month: the skilled skier, Sam G. With a remarkable 23 years of skiing experience and active sponsorship by multiple ski teams and brands, including Jskis, ZipFit, Daymaker Touring, Virtika, and Team DMOS, Sam embodies the spirit of adventure and passion that drives our community forward. He's not afraid to huck some big tricks and push his limits on the slopes.


Sam's favorite aspect of skiing lies in the thrill of reaching the summit of new peaks, affording him breathtaking views and a panoramic vista of untapped zones and lines ripe for exploration. He keeps skiing fresh and enjoyable by constantly seeking new experiences, surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, and maintaining a perspective that skiing is, at its core, a playful and liberating experience.



Sam is also an avid fan of DMOS shovels, praising their portability and versatility. He touts the Stealth Shovel's ability to pack neatly into his backcountry bag, allowing him to bring his full-size shovel with him whether on the most remote backcountry or sneaking it in his backpack up the lift.  Join Sam on his adventures by following him on Instagram at @samgski and see why he is our January 2023 Customer of the Month.

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