DMOS's All Season/All Terrain DNA

Photography by: Jo Savage

Emergency Car Shovel

Anyone who frequently ventures outdoors knows the importance of having quality tools. The tent has to be waterproof, the snowpants have to be warm and the bike tires have to be filled with air. Having reliable tools like these is critical for executing a successful adventure, and for gear that serves a singular purpose, a variety of options are readily available. But what if you’re an all-season explorer, who builds terrain parks in the winter, dirt jumps in the summer, goes camping in the fall and goes mudding in the spring? Tools for year-round adventurers are incredibly difficult to find, and when you do discover them, they often aren’t reliable, strong or easy to carry. This is where DMOS comes in, with tools that are built to last, packable and easy to use. Take a peek below to see how you can use your DMOS all year round.



Whether you need to clean up muck after a flood, a tool to hand-mix concrete, or assistance digging your car out of mud, DMOS’ shovels are the best choice. Easy to carry, store and use, not only are they capable of moving large amounts of mud, but they make the job easy.

Emergency Car Shovel



The strength of DMOS’ tools makes them excellent for cleaning up rubble. Because of this, we sent 200 Stealth Shovels to Houston, Texas, to help clean up in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. They’re also effective tools for cleaning up debris on construction sites, or assisting in tearing out old walls or floors. (Pro tip: the teeth work wonders on breaking up old tile!)

Emergency Truck Shovel



Always wanted a packable tool that you could build dirt jumps with, strap to your pack and then bike down the mountain with? No problem. Need a shovel that takes up minimal space, yet moves large quantities of manure on your ranch? You got it. Always wanted to try urban gardening? Give it a shot! If you love to play in the dirt, the possibilities are endless.

Offroad Recovery Shovel

           Photo by: Amon Barker                                      Photo by: Amon Barker


Snow and Ice

Yep, that’s right. DMOS kicks ass in the dirt and the snow. Whether you’re clearing snow off your back porch, chopping ice in your driveway, building kickers in the backcountry, clearing a snowy pond for ice hockey, digging your car out of a ditch, bringing a shovel snowmobiling, or packing your tool as an avy shovel, DMOS has got your back.


Do you love camping? Are you a fire fanatic? Need a cool tool for your backyard fire pit? Use your DMOS to dig your fire pit, adjust burning logs, carry hot coals or tend to your campfire. They're so strong and heat resistant that even firefighters use them! (Bonus: check out Matt VanSteenis and Jason Ramos).

                                                                             Photo by: Zeppelin Zeerip


 Any Season, Anytime. 

Carry your DMOS with you all year long, in the back of your Sportsmobile, strapped onto your backpack, for building sand castles on beach days, or stored discreetly in your garage. What’s your favorite way to use your DMOS?

Emergency Car Shovel

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