Gift guide: Mountain town esssentials everyone needs

People say trends start in the cities.

We beg to differ. Our mountain town roots may make us a little biased, but it's a fact that mountain towns are notorious trend setters. Case in point: flannel shirts. Once a practical garment for cold weather dwellers, it’s now nearly impossible to go out anywhere in colder weather without seeing a sea of flannel.

There’s a reason mountain town trendsetters are so successful: they’re practical. Mountain town trends are born from necessity. So whether you live in the heart of metropolis or miles away from another human, these mountain town essentials benefit everyone. This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts they might not know they even need. Here are some of our favorite mountain town essentials everyone should have.

A flannel

It bears repeating. Flannels are warm, cozy, and durable. They’re a staple on their own, but can also be worn over your favorite base layer for extra warmth. Plus, they’re gender-neutral—guys, if she gets you a flannel this year, keep it close or expect to see her wearing in no time. This Tomar Portuguese Flannel is as good as they get, made in the “land of shirting” from soft, durable 100% cotton.

A good shovel

Hey, hi, it's us, DMOS. We make really good shovels. Because you never know what you’ll need to dig yourself out of. Really though, every car and household should have at least one trusty shovel at the ready. The DMOS Stealth, DMOS’s original award-winning car shovel, is your number one recovery tool. The Stealth is never in the way but always at hand: collapsable yet powerful, you can stow it away under your car seats, in your trunk, in your broom closet, or anywhere else you might reach for it should weather take you by surprise. Give the gift of safety and utility with a shovel you’ll never have to replace.  

A good sleeping bag/pad

So you and your loved one can be ready when adventure calls. Camping is camping, whether it’s in your backyard or deep in the mountains. Either way, you want to be warm and comfortable. One of our favorite trends in camping sleep gear is double-wide sleeping bags and pads, like this bag from Big Agnes that lets you cozy up to your partner under the stars. Couple it with a pair of these insulated Air Core Ultra sleeping pads, designed for unparalleled comfort and light, easy storage. City dwellers—this is gonna be much lighter and easier than your traditional air mattress.

A good pair of boots

Danner is sort of “it” in the hiking boot world. Their iconic red laces, single-piece leather uppers and Vibram soles have carried hikers over miles of every kind of terrain. But reliable footwear is life-changing, whether you’re on your feet for work or walking through the woods. That’s why they’ve expanded their line to include boots like the “Danner Ridge,” which is 20% lighter than the Danner Light but with the same classic style. Designed for light hikes and city streets, Danner might be the only boot you’ll ever need again.

A good knife

Mountain men need knives for hunting, but anybody with a kitchen needs a good kitchen knife. New West Knifeworks, DMOS’s neighbors here in Jackson Hole, have taken the craftsmanship and utility of hunting knives and created kitchen knives that are as beautiful as they are sharp. The G-Fusion Teton Edge Santoku is made with a revolutionary blade design and the Teton mountain range etched in. It’s sharp, smooth, and virtually indestructible.

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