Eye Candy for Adventure Addicts

As Friday rolls around, we know you've got your mind on one thing: getting outside. Depending on whether you're looking for extreme adventure, or just want to get away from the crowds, here are some of our favorite internet findings to get you stoked!


1. How to Ride Vancouver's North Shore. If there is a mountain biking heaven, this just might be it. You might as well tell your boss now that you're "coming down with something" and schedule that trip North. 


2. Cliff Diving Pros. This will put your efforts on your local jumping rock to shame...or inspire you to do something more than your usual belly flop! Either way, check it out: 



3. Big Air + Big Crashes. Highlights from Windells might be just the push you need to buy that ticket down south for a mid-summer powder fix!



4. Your Dose of Zen. Meditation not your deal? Just watch this SUP footage and we'll bet you'll get some of the same benefits. And we can pretty much guarantee that getting out and actually doing it will most certainly help your brain!


5. Road Trippin'. Open road calling you? If not, we bet it will be after you watch this trip through California's backroads on a motorcycle. 


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