Drive safely this holiday season with DMOS Collective

Is there anything more important this holiday season then spending time with your family? 

We think not, but we understand how difficult just getting to your family can be. Travel is stressful, and driving on snow or ice is always dangerous. DMOS Collective was born in Wyoming, where just driving down the block can feel like an epic winter journey. We know wintery roads. We get it. 

Which is why we've built DMOS shovels to be your number one lifeline should anything go wrong on the road. And you won't even know we're there. Just pack us in the trunk of your car (our detachable, collapsible handles make that easy), and rest a little easier knowing you have help if you need it.  

For more tips on how to prepare your car for winter roads, check out this interview with Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Duane Ellis. For tips on how to drive safely this holiday season, read on: 

Stay alert and well-rested

Try to get plenty of sleep before embarking on a long drive. Wildlife on the roads combined with variable road conditions mean you need to stay on your toes. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributed 72,000 crashes, 44,000 injuries, and 800 deaths to driver fatigue between 2009 to 2013. If you feel drowsy, pull over! Take a break! Your family will be there whenever you arrive! They can wait a little longer. 

Plan ahead 

Make a plan, and know what kind of weather you'll be driving through. Get to know your route as best you can—you might not always have service to rely on out there. 


Don't drink and drive!

There will likely be libations at your holiday parties. Be sure to have a designated driver or a safe plan to get home if you plan on indulging. Not only will drinking and driving likely get you in trouble, but it also puts your life and the lives of others in danger. 




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