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We linked up with Tim McGrath at Sackwear to learn more about the overlanding company, his build and why he chose DMOS as his go-to-tool for his family off-roading adventures. Read his story below.


So Tim, tell us about your Maltec build?

The truck is a 1993 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser chassis with a 70 series cab and carbon fiber camper (in a nutshell). The truck is built by a German company called Maltec. They are known for their expedition builds. I knew I wanted to build a vehicle that I could take my family camping in. It needed to be comfortable and very capable of tackling the destinations I have in mind. I first saw a Maltec vehicle at Overland Expo and I remember falling in love with those trucks. I already love Land Cruisers so this was an easy sell for me. The Maltec trucks are incredibly well built with attention to detail and something that I felt passionate about. Something different.


How did you discover DMOS?

I was originally introduced to DMOS when I met Susan at an Overland Expo event around 5~ years ago and she gave me a shovel to test out and provide feedback on. I thought it was pretty cool and I’ve been a DMOS supporter ever since. The Delta Shovel is just what I need. I can carry a full size shovel that is lightweight, compact, tough and versatile. No more compromises.


What’s the most memorable place you’ve taken your build?

The most memorable place so far has got to be the Silverton, Colorado area. I went up that way a couple times last summer and had a great time. Taking a few of the trails and finding a campsite. The truck had absolutely no problem tackling anything in its path. It rained on us the whole time and all I kept thinking was that I was very glad to have the truck we have. Staying inside out of the wet weather and having a heater to turn on at night.  It was really a game changer.




Story Behind Sackwear

I work in advertising and design and originally started Sackwear as a hobby/creative outlet back in 2005. We make shirts, patches and other assorted overlanding goodness. We celebrate exploration, the adventurous spirit, and are always a little too curious about what's over the next hill. If you were born with a bad case of wanderlust, you’ve come to the right place.



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