DMOS: The Car Shovel Reinvented

The best safety equipment is the kind you hope to never need, but know you can rely on.

DMOS Collective knows this well. DMOS is the brainchild of backcountry snowboarders, mountain travelers, off-roaders and all-around adventurers from Jackson Hole who understand how important it is to trust your gear. Your gear should be there for you when you need it most.

Winter can be a perilous time to drive. So DMOS Collective is reinventing the car shovel to put safety and reliability first. Its unique, patented design will never get in the way—the detachable,  collapsible handle allows it to fit effortlessly in any car. But DMOS shovels will never compromise on strength and grit, much like the people who created them. DMOS blades have cut their teeth—literally—on some of the world’s toughest terrain, including the Rocky Mountain West’s infamous ice, snow, and slush.

The first DMOS shovel was designed for a family of traveling snowboarders. They originally built it to move snow and ice on the slopes in order to build kickers (really big jumps). But they frequently traversed the sometimes treacherous roads of the Rocky Mountain West, and noticed that Wyoming weather was no match for their shovel. It could eat any snow, ice, or slush in its way.

The product line has expanded, and now DMOS shovels are the choice of professional and recreational snowbound travelers.

With DMOS, you can pack your shovel in your car and almost forget about it, but still feel an extra boost of confidence knowing it’s there. Should you need it, DMOS shovels assemble quickly and easily to dig you out of those tough, sometimes inevitable ruts. So even if you’re off the grid and can’t call for help, DMOS gets you back on the road.

It doesn’t matter if you’re venturing deep into the mountains for an adventure, or commuting over icy roads to spend time with your family for the holidays. Every driver deserves to feel safe on the road. Go further and feel safer with DMOS Collective.

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