Celebrating Women-Led Wednesday!

Today is Women-Led Wednesday. Started by Cassie Abel, founder of Wild Rye, it gives people a chance to deliberately shop and support women-founded businesses at this gift-buying time of year.

If you didn't already know our history, DMOS was founded by Susan Pieper in 2015, with a commitment to American manufacturing and high-quality tools to support our adventures.  In addition to leading the company, Susan participates in Rebelle Rally, a 10-day women-only enduro race where participants navigate 1200 across the desert with old-school tools like a compass and map (no GPS allowed!)  Her passion for outdoors and living a life of doing your own stuff was the basis of the DMOS brand.

In her own words:

I started DMOS as a way of putting what I had studied at Harvard Business School into practice. I studied Warren Buffet’s value creation philosophy; he is quoted as saying, “Successful investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time … … I close my eyes and think about what a company’s going to look like in ten years before I invest.”

DMOS, as a brand, is about reimagining the ordinary into the extraordinary and that core vision isn’t a fad, is never going out of style, doesn’t depend on the economy to succeed.

We also are in it for the long term. We are taking the time and working product by product to build hardware for people’s homes and cars that they’ll want to have for years to come.

Where DMOS is now is an exciting place in our company’s evolution. We’ve essentially built out our shovel and mount line and have new products launching in 2022 that expand our line into innovative storage solutions.

We appreciate the support that Women-Led Wednesday has brought to our brand and are delighted to be able to shine a light on this movement as a rising tide raises all boats.

DMOS is proudly women-owned and women-led.

To learn more about Women Led Wednesday, and to shop the directory of other great women-owned and led businesses, visit www.womenledwednesday.com.

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