Born in the USA

tetons dmos collective

We're excited to announce that we recently made the switch to do all of our manufacturing in the good ol' US of A.

Sure, we could save some money by working with factories overseas, but as a new company we spend lots of time talking about the company we want to be. What legacy do we want to leave? What values are important to us? What are we in this for, anyway? 

The more clarity we got around where we're going and what we stand for, the choice to switch to manufacturing in the US was a no-brainer.

Building long-lasting, high-quality products is at the top of our priority list. If you buy something from us, we want you to love and use is for ages. One of the best ways to ensure that quality is to be able to oversee the manufacturing quickly and directly...and that's harder to do from across the world. 

We also believe in being eco-conscious in every way we can. We have a much better sense of how our products are made now and can ensure we're doing our part to build tools responsibly. 

Moreover, we're just thrilled to be a 100% American made company. We design, build, test, improve, manufacture and sell our tools right here. And for that, we're feelin' proud. 



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