An Ode to Mountain Men

We love our mountain men.

You know the ones. They had beards and wore flannel before it was cool. They drive big trucks through rugged terrain. They can still build a fire from scratch, and they look damn good wielding an axe.

We salute our mountain men, and we celebrate them year-round. So do our friends at Mountain Man Toyshop. It’s not too late to get your mountain man a gift he’ll cherish and use every day. Here are things we think no mountain man should live without:

DMOS Alpha 2

The DMOS Alpha 2 is the best tool you’ll ever meet. Never has a shovel been more worthy of your truck or expedition build. Its 18x14x3” blade can move a LOT of ground, and the handle is long enough to get under your truck if it’s high-centered. But this baby is useful at home, around the ranch, or the office. It’s big and beefy, but collapsible so it can go everywhere with you.  Like all DMOS, the Alpha 2 is made with T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that won't break or rust or bend.

The Mountain Man Tomahawk II

This might not be the gift they need, but it’s definitely the gift they’ll want. Tomahawk throwing is trending right now, and it’s the ultimate mountain man high-stakes sport. Mountain Man Toy Shop’s tomahawk is made with American-made S7 steel—they same kind used for the tips of jackhammers. So, it’s tough. It’s also designed for precision. Honestly, can you think of anything more mountain man than throwing tomahawks drinking whiskey next to a fire? We can’t.

But they’re not just fun and games. The S7 steel construction also makes it a great hunting and camping companion. It fits in any pack, won’t weigh you down, and is capable of slicing through some of Jackson Hole’s largest game. Also, men look good with an axe. We’ve talked about this.

The JH Outdoor Knife Set

Here in Jackson Hole, home to both DMOS Collective and Mtn Man Toy Shop, living off the earth is still an integral part of many people’s lives. Hunting, fishing, and foraging are more than just recreational activities. They put food on the table. New West Knifeworks’ outdoor knife set is designed specifically for our anglers, hunters, foragers, and home butchers. The JH Hunter-Forager  is a jack-of-all trades: small and enough to carry with you on foraging expeditions, tough enough to butcher livestock on the farm, and “domestic” enough to prepare food around a campfire. The G-Fusion Fillet Knife uses S35VN “powder metal,” the highest performance steel ever used to make a fillet knife. A thin, seven-inch long blade and multi-stepped taper offer just the right flex and reach for any animal, and the blade’s shape is designed to perfectly match the curve of a fish.

The Saber Saw

Cut through ice, earth, branches—anything that might get in your way. But the coolest part about this multidimensional cross-cut saw it that it fits inside the shaft of your DMOS shovel. Take it with you wherever you go, and have it ready whenever you need it. Because you never know what mother nature might throw at you.

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