5 Ways to Use Stealth this Spring

When spring finally arrives, we know there's always some projects waiting for us under those quickly melting snowbanks. So whether it's for work or play, here are five ways to keep that Stealth Shovel working this spring: 

1. Smoothing and Grooming Dirt Jumps

Those jumps won't maintain themselves. And after a long winter, you'll have some work to do. Stealth is perfectly designed for shaping lips and smoothing trannys. 

dirt jump grooming

2. Yard Work

From planting a garden to digging weeds and cleaning corrals, there's probably some dirty work to be done. Dig, rake, till, plant--whatever it is, we've gotcha covered. 

3. Car Camping 

Finally! It's time to get out and sleep under the stars! Whether you're smoothing out a tent site or putting out a campfire, Stealth will come in handy.

4. Beach Days

If you live somewhere warm enough to have a proper spring, you might just get to log some beach time about now... but when cold water limits your swimming, see what you can build in the sand!

5. Off-Roading

You know about the "7 P's" right? Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. Be prepared and bring everything you need to get you out of a bind, including a packable shovel.

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