4 Ways To Prep Your Vehicle For Winter

We know you're already thinking about the fun elements of winter. You've been hitting ski swaps, pulling out your gear, and maybe even splurging on some new bindings. But with winter well on it's way, it's time to start thinking about preparing for the unexpected snow storms, the darker days, and the cold temps.

Before you get sucked into holiday madness, take some time to prepare your vehicle for winter. Here are 4 things to consider

1. Tires and Traction

Roads are gonna get slick! So swap your tires out for beefy snow tires or dig out your chains so that they're accessible. In fact, pull those chains out and make sure they're in working order and not a tangled mess. Take the time now to organize them so that you're not stuck doing it when you really need them. 

2. Visibility

Take a minute to check the condition of your windshield wipers. If the rubber is starting to look worn or cracked, it's time to replace them. Dig out your best ice scrapers and keep them accessible. And if you park your car outside (instead of in a garage) invest in a large push broom, which will make snow removal after a big storm much faster and easier.


3. Just-In-Case Kit

When you get stuck in a drift or your car won't start or you get a flat in the winter, it is a REAL drag. Being prepared makes it 1000 times better! Spend time now putting together a Just-In-Case Kit for the back of your car. Use a plastic container or a canvas tote and keep it there all winter. Be sure to include (in addition to your usual jumper cables, flat tire kit): 

Hat, gloves, and boots (digging out without the right gear is the worst)

Extra blanket – we like blankets made by our friends at Rumpl

Fire Starter
 - https://www.outdoorelement.com/


Basic first aid kit

Water – We like the containers made by our friends at Mizu Hydration - https://mizulife.com/

Snacks (try our hometown favorite bars, Kate’s Real Food Bars - http://katesrealfood.com/)

Collapsible shovel for the car (clearly a winner – our Stealth, of course!)

Headlamp (with fresh batteries)

Mini-bungee cords (somehow these always come in handy)

Jumper Cables – Arctic Wire Polar Jumper Cables are the best.

Tow Strap - https://www.realtruck.com/keeper-tow-straps/


    4. Kid Distractions

    If you have kids, remember that everything takes a little bit longer in the winter. Icy roads and slow drivers add time to your trips. Add an extra book, coloring books, or small toys to keep them entertained and prevent any in-car meltdowns. 

    Of course, we should mention that swapping your bike rack for your ski rack is a good idea, too, but we know you already did that!  







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