THE DIRT #004: 2019 SEMA Show: Bigger, Better, Badder Than Ever!

2019 SEMA Show: Bigger, Better, Badder Than Ever!

Written by Mercedes Lilienthal

The Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA, as it’s known, boasted thousands of adventure-ready rigs this year.  This huge automotive aftermarket trade show was held in early November this year and invited media, manufacturers, buyers, and exhibitors from all around the globe to attend.

In addition to the vehicles, tons of products were highlighted too. Susan Pieper, founder of DMOS Collective, marched through 30 miles of aisles and the 160,000 people gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and witnessed a multitude of 4x4 and AWD vehicles ready to leap out of the show and get dirty. From Jeeps, Toyotas, and Land Rovers to Subarus and other AWD travel machines—the SEMA Show showcased the best of the best. And, that included their DMOS’ own off-road recovery-ready shovels!

It doesn’t matter if it’s tough trucks like those from Hall Racing/Chevrolet or Putco, built up Jeep Gladiators like the one Truck Covers USA showcased, or the tricked out Subaru Crosstrek like the one found in Warn Industries' booth—each of these builds have at least two things in common with each other: the thirst for adventure, and the DMOS Delta-equipped capacity to get there.

No matter if it’s DMOS’ lightweight 6061 aluminum Delta shovel, or its steel sibling, both heavy duty products are made for earth-moving success. Both full-sized yet fully collapsible 4x4 products, DMOS’ latest recovery shovel showcases multiple points of carefully considered design. The Delta shovel boasts the ultimate in flexible usage: it features three blade “modes” and handle lengths. No more smacking yourself in the face if you’re digging down deep with a static-height shovel, or having the shovel head in an awkward position when doing detailed work. The DMOS Delta off-road recovery shovel is capable of being used as a full-sized shovel or collapsing down for work in limited space (like a hoe), or folding flat for storage or transport (via the DMOS Delta mount).

The aluminum Delta boasts the following colors: Agate Grey, Punk'n Orange (a paint color that matches 2018 to current Jeep Rubicons, Wranglers, and Gladiators), and Rebelle Blue (the signature color used for the Rebelle Rally). The Delta steel version, made from premium 12-gauge cold-rolled steel and a 6000 series aluminum shaft extrusion for its handle comes in Agate Grey or Flat Dark Earth colors.

The Delta shovel mount is a lockable and sturdy housing for transporting the shovel (both steel and aluminum models) on the exterior of your ride. This 4 lb. plate and bracket constructed from the same USA-sourced, aircraft-grade aluminum DMOS uses for their rugged off-road ready shovels, creates a stable and secure mounting solution for a variety of roof racks, bed racks, MOLLE panels, or even snowmobiles.

Putco, Hall Racing/Chevrolet, Truck Covers USA, and Warn Industries are just a few of many companies at the SEMA Show that showcased DMOS on their builds. DMOS ambassadors also showed up to support, like Martin (of @DakarTundra Instagram fame) and his expedition-ready Trooper build. 

Arming your vehicle with specific tools and upgrades to help you get out there and enjoy nature is key. But, if you happen to get stuck, having the proper recovery equipment like a DMOS off-road recovery shovel to get you out safely is even more important.

DMOS would like to thank the following companies for showcasing Delta shovels and mounts on their 2019 SEMA Show builds:

  •       BDS Suspension in Ford booth
  •       Go Fast Campers in Mobil 1 booth
  •       Warn Industries
  •       Dometic
  •       Adventure Ready in RLD Designs’ booth
  •       Bernie Chacon in James Baroud’s booth
  •       Sean Jennings in Toyo, Tread Pass Area
  •       Putco
  •       Weldtec in Lightforce’s booth
  •       Truck Cover USA
  •       Mule Outfitters in Yokohama’s trailer area
  •       Expedition One
  •       Bare Speed in Digipower’s booth
  •       Yakima
  •       Hall Racing USA in Chevy Performance booth
  •       RotopaX


Mercedes is an Oregon-based freelancer who specializes in vehicular adventure travel. She and her husband have three right-hand-drive turbo-diesel Mitsubishis: a 1989 Delica Star Wagon (aka The Space Tractor) and two gen 2 short-wheelbase Pajeros, one which has competed in the 2020 winter Alcan 5000 Rally. In addition, they have two customized subcompact daily drivers. Mercedes, a dual citizen of the United States and Germany, grew up with an international identity and loves to travel. Mercedes' freelance work includes writing, social media management, photography, event coverage and marketing services. You can follow her adventures on Facebook @crankshaftculture and @mercedeslilienthal and on Instagram @crankshaftculture and @mercedes_lilienthal.



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