What is the retooled program?

Our shovels are built to last, but sometimes owning that shiny new DMOS is a drive you can’t ignore. We offer you the opportunity to trade in and trade up for 50% trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new model DMOS eligible on All you have to do is send us your used DMOS and in return, we will give you 50% off trade-in credit.

Where can I trade in my used DMOS gear?

Trade-ins can be mailed directly to us or dropped off at our warehouse in Salt Lake.  Just shoot us an email or stop by M-F between 9 and 5 pm. For both scenarios, we ask that you fill out the Retooled Program form and print it out and include it with your package. We do not cover the cost of shipping to send your DMOS gear back to us. Please ship all packages with printed forms inside to the below address:

DMOS Collective, Inc. 

W 2100 S

Salt Lake City, UT 84120


Can I trade in any type of DMOS product?

Almost, but not everything. We won’t accept used shirts, hats, gloves or towels.

What condition do the items need to be in before I trade them in?

Part of our ethos is that we don’t believe in disposable culture. So, even after our tools first owner, many of them have a whole lot of adventures left in them regardless if they have chipped paint or a bent blade. We will fix it and resell it! 

How does trade in by mail work?

We accept used DMOS gear that functions perfectly and is in good condition. When you send us your used gear, we will give you credit that can be used on We are trying to reduce unnecessary packaging and shipping, so please note that items will not be returned to customers once received.

Here are the 4 important steps you need to take to trade in your used DMOS gear:

  1. Fill out the online Retooled form, print it out, and include it with your package to us. This is how we will be able to contact you once your product is received at our warehouse. 
  2. We are a small team and shipping plus processing could take up to 2 weeks. Rest assured we will reach out with your credit as soon as we are completed with the intake process.
  3. We’ll send you the credit for any gear that meets our Retooled Program requirements.
  4. The credit only will be used for purchases on There are no exceptions for this. 


Can I send you more than one used item?

YES. We will happily accept as much used DMOS gear as you have. You will receive 50% store credit per each item you send us (as long as it falls under our program requirements.)

Where can I use the credit I receive from my traded-in DMOS items?

Store credit will only be applicable on Credits never expire and cannot be used on any DMOS dealer or partner sites nor can it be combined with any other discounts. 

Can you send me a label to ship my used DMOS gear back to you?

Unfortunately, we cannot cover the shipping cost to us and do not provide pre-paid labels.  

What are you waiting for?  Fill out your Retooled Program form here to send us your used gear! 

Looking to BUY retooled gear? Shop our current selection at our Salt Lake City warehouse.  We have deals - just stop by and ask to see what we have for retooled or factory seconds.