What’s the worst shovel problem you can have? Not having one when you need it. That’s why DMOS created the Delta Shovel, a compact, yet full-sized shovel with an extendable shaft and 3-position folding blade that’s always on hand and never in the way.

But I have a shovel
, you might be saying. Sure, maybe.

But can you really call that WWI-era E-Tool a shovel? Or is it just a glorified trowel that’s going to cost you precious time in a recovery situation and ruin your back as you shovel on hands and knees? The E-Tool was great for what it was designed for – but it’s not built for digging out a stuck Jeep or moving serious earth, sand or debris.

A healthy soldier digging with an E-Tool only moves about 0.3 square meters of dirt an hour. When you’re out on the trail (or off it), don’t you want something that’s going to get you out of harm’s way and back to enjoying your adventures as fast as possible?

The other alternative is what we call a Contractor Shovel. You know the one – big, heavy, in garish polymer colors or worn-out wood – the kind you’d find on a landscaper’s truck.

Sure, you can dig with it, but when you’re out on the trail, every inch of space in and on your vehicle needs to be utilized for storing and hauling gear, and that big unwieldy SOB is taking up way more than its share of valuable real estate on your rig you could be using for traction pads, an awning, a road shower, a rooftop tent, spare fuel… The list goes on. Not to mention the fact that on a rig you’ve spent thousands of dollars getting dialed, that ugly thing just ruins the whole look.

It’s an overlanding rig, not a gardener’s truck.

Enter DMOS.

The Delta Shovel has all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses. The full-sized spade head folds in any of three positions – fully extended for digging, locked at 90° for used as a pick or to dig under your vehicle, or flat against the shaft to be as compact as possible for storage.

When folded down, it measures just 24” x 11” x 3” and locks in tight to our custom-made 6061 aluminum storage mount. But don’t get it wrong, this thing is a beast.

The patented collapsible shaft extends up to 57” to give you mechanical advantage and ergonomics no matter what situation you’re in. The 6061 aluminum will never rust, and the Delta’s construction is built to lift 1000 lbs at a 10-to-1 fulcrum ratio, giving you the tough, trusted, and kitted tool you never knew you needed ‘til now.


At DMOS, we know the importance of beautiful design. That's why we've thoughtfully chosen iconic colors that will be the perfect accompaniment to even the most dialed of off-road rigs and expedition vehicles. Our ever-expanding colorway includes Agate Grey, Punk'n Orange (a paint-match for 2018-present Jeeps), Chrome, and Rebelle Blue -- with more coming Q2 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Get kitted now and join the tribe of hundreds of off-roaders and outdoor enthusiasts who've chosen DMOS as their go-to gear.




Meet the Delta Shovel. A compact, portable feat of engineering from DMOS, the makers of the most crowdfunded shovel ever on Kickstarter. State of the art engineering and American manufacturing combine to create a full-sized shovel that's durable, versatile and unstoppable. Endorsed by Rally Racers and Green Berets, wildland firefighters and big game hunters. This shovel will be the perfect companion to all your outdoor activities.






When you pick up your first DMOS Shovel, you'll know immediately what the fuss is about. Beautiful design, light weight, aerospace-grade materials, and functionality that exceeds even the most exacting of expectations. So it's no surprise that the DMOS family of equipment is the go-to choice for some of the most


With the foldable 3-position head, the Delta can be used as a shovel, a hoe, or fold it up for compact stowing. The collapsible shaft also lets you use the Delta at 3 different lengths. Combined together, you get a powerfully versatile tool that’s perfect for every situation.



Constructed of premium American materials, the Delta Shovel comes in two impressive forms - 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel - both proudly American made in our Oregon factory.



The Delta Shovel operates in the area between E-Tools and full-sized contractor shovels. It’s got all their strengths, and none of their weakness - it’s a full-sized shovel you can take with you anywhere. It’s an E-tool that doesn’t suck to use. It’s the Goldilocks Shovel. Whatever you want to call it, it’s got some serious advantages over other tools.

Strength: The Delta boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio of any full-sized shovel. Masterful engineering and premium materials bring out the best in the Delta’s compact, ridiculously tough design.

Versatility: Bringing one shovel is a challenge as it is. Bringing one that can work as a shovel or a hoe at three different shaft lengths gives you six options for optimal digging and leverage, whether you’re digging out a stuck truck or planting trees.

Quality: The market is flooded with cheap shovels and E-tools, most of them of dubious quality and specifications. The Delta, on the other hand, is the result of American engineering, ultra-premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Once you feel it in your hand, you’ll know.

Portability: Compactability, portability, packability, rackability… Whatever you want to call it, the Delta’s got ability to spare, and it’ll go with you anywhere thanks to the compact design and a mount that’ll keep it rattle-free wherever you roam. Because the best shovel on earth won’t help you if you leave it in your garage.

We’ve been making shovels for four years. In that time, we have had an exceptional quality track record. On top of that, under any human-powered load, not one of our shafts have ever failed. The Delta is no exception.The shovel is tested to lift over 1000 lbs, so it won’t bend - even under the toughest situations. The superior materials combined with our innovative engineering make sure the Delta Shovel will never fail you.



DMOS Collective shovels have impressed the testers at the best gear review sites across the outdoor industry.



Our shovels are manufactured in Oregon by the best manufacturers of high-strength, high-durability, and high-engineered products in the world. These guys make a living making the most badass, strongest, and nearly indestructible products, tools, and components on the planet.



Quality and community matters - that’s why DMOS sources, designs, and manufactures everything in the USA. From the metal we use, to the engineers, to the manufacturers and assemblers, every part and aspect of the DMOS Delta Shovel is 100% American.



We’re absolutely sure this is the best outdoor and survival tool you’ll ever use. As such, we guarantee your shovel will be free of any manufacturing defects. Period.  


Note, this doesn’t apply to finish wear. If your gear isn’t salty, scuffed, and grimy, you’re not running it hard enough. Your Delta should wear scars with pride. 


DMOS is known for making the world’s best shovels out of premium materials and designing them to tackle the toughest adventures.

We’re a crowdfunded company, created by the people for the people. This is our third Kickstarter campaign, and our seventh shovel. Our last campaign was the most funded shovel in Kickstarter history.

From smokejumpers to backcountry enthusiasts, we’re the go-to choice for anyone who needs fail-proof gear they can trust. The reviews speak for themselves. We have over 300 5-star reviews from all over the world.