The Delta Collection


    Shovels are one of the oldest tools, yet they haven’t kept up with the way we use them.  Introducing the DMOS Delta Shovel Collection.  Not your granddaddy’s e-tool.  Like an e-tool, the Deltas are portable and offer a 3 in 1 functionality as a shovel, hoe, and a small stool.  But, better than an e-tool, the Deltas with an extra-long 51” handle are full-sized when you need it so you don’t have to dig on your knees.  Choose from the greatest strength to weight ratio, never rusts, all aircraft grade aluminum Delta Pro or allow a few more pounds for the strongest all US-sourced 12 gauge carbon steel Delta version.  We even make a smaller 33” long Compact Delta which is still a stand-up shovel.  Save your knees.  Join the revolution of DMOS owners who leave no trace, put out campfires responsibly, and can rescue themselves if they have to.  Never be caught without a shovel again.  Get DMOS and Be Your Own Hero.